Online marketing is so fast-paced that you always have to keep up with the times. Be it the performance of websites for B2B businesses or B2C retail banking. The current trends around search engines. After all, the search queries are no longer focusing solely on the classic search engines, but also increasingly on social networks. They are increasingly being used to search for information in addition to Google, Yahoo & Co. To the new EU data protection regulation, which represents an absolute competitive disadvantage for European online companies. Why and why, that clarifies the headlines of the week!

Performance first: Trends 2018 in B2B web design

Web design is not only a big topic in the private customer business, but also in the business customer area. Google changed its own search engine ad a few days ago. Google is now completely on “mobile first”, what does that mean?

Mobile first in web design is standard today

Since the emergence of web development with its languages ​​HTML, PHP and CSS, the development is always designed to ensure that websites are optimized for the desktop. The desktop offers a relatively large screen with a high number of pixels, so many elements can be clearly displayed. On mobile devices this is quite different, here we have a sleek design, horizontally aligned. The content does not just need to be packaged in a much more minimalist way, it also has to be organized completely differently. You have no way to display a sidebar, the footer comes only after a long scroll. Mobile first is the word of the hour. In particular, when the world’s largest search engine Google switches its own results.

  • Mobile first means minimalist design
  • Focusing the content on a few elements (core elements)

AMP Pages for mobile search engine optimization

Not only does Google redirect itself, it also gives all website operators the ability to play their pages on AMP. These pages allow much faster load times. This faster loading time results in a higher user-friendliness and thus a longer residence time. Who makes good content, that brings Google to the front. More about AMP Project.

Focus on business customers in web design

If you focus completely on B2B, you also have to adapt your graphic design. While the online shop for private customers on loud colors and address sets: yellow, red, blue, high prices, advertising everywhere! … is especially convincing for B2B businesses with much more discreet content. This is often about price calculations and minimal details, less about elaborate graphic design.

“Unfortunately, the major US platforms have a huge competitive advantage over EU data protection”

– Ralf Scharnhorst, Scharnhorst Media

Have you already heard about the new EU data protection for website operators? An incredibly complex model that will put European companies and companies at an absolute competitive disadvantage in the future. In the meantime, more and more critical voices are being voiced by large agencies. Today, Ralf Scharnhorst from Scharnhorst Media also spoke on about the changes that the new EU data protection law will entail. In addition to various critical issues, it includes, among other things, a very complex documentation requirement, which will consume a great deal of capacity and time, especially in online trading.

What takes time for the company is an absolute competitive advantage for companies abroad. This is how the EU or … no, the EU is putting a great challenge on its businesses and citizens. The new law is also being discussed among online marketing agencies. Of course, the topic is also on the net appeal. If you want to read more details about the current regulations, see the links below.

Search 2018: Where the searches are going – even outside of Google

Not only search engine agencies are always interested in the latest analytics and statistics, but also online marketing agencies. Which search engines are currently using people? The frequency of search engine queries and social media platforms is a big topic this week. After all, companies that want to set themselves up should not rely solely on one of the search engines. Would be z.b. in America has business, Russia or China knows what I’m talking about. In addition to the classic search engines, there are also the social networks. In particular, YouTube and Facebook are often used by people as a search engine, if you are looking for information.

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What the digitization of the future brings

Digitization is an indispensable part of life nowadays, just about everyone knows how to deal with it, understands what is meant and makes it part of everyday life. Some of them are effective in helping us to shape our youth into their hands. But is it really a sign of progress if we give our lives the responsibility of machines or technologies? How much responsibility does digitization need in order to advance this good conscience?

Working together for a responsible future

Digital is the future, whether it is about our daily errands or about professional life. And Austria, more precisely Styria, is a pioneer in terms of innovation and progress. However, the fact is that with this progress there is also more responsibility in the room. After all, digital development, the revolution that is being talked about, is changing our lives. And not only that, the economic structure is also inexorably making its way. It is important to stay tuned, not to leave technical progress to yourself. Be it when it comes to autonomous driving on the road, or intelligent street lamps, which individually transmit data and information to the drivers.

Companies and universities are now required to tackle the necessary projects responsibly and cooperatively. This is exactly what works wonderfully in Styria when it comes to the common processes between universities and research institutions. The Austrians earned the title Research Country Number 1. And the rest of the world must constantly work on new projects and initiatives so as not to lose touch.

Digitization creates jobs

Anyone who has argued that further development is responsible for the loss of many jobs is wrong. On the contrary – digitization creates new jobs, even if it involves almost all areas of life and all industries. Robots may replace grips or make things easier, but behind them are many new professions, new opportunities, and jobs that are constantly evolving. Humanity does not need to be afraid of that, because current figures show that people with a high level of technical progress are countries with lower unemployment rates.

Digitalisation processes are not rising, they are exploding

We are still far from aware of the imminent progress and are far from being able to cope. Especially in companies where 30 years ago nobody was aware of the possibilities of the internet, of advertising and of new marketing. Algorithms and visualizations open up completely new ways to control systems, make them more environmentally friendly and disseminate data.

New technologies are developing new possibilities

Digitalization is more present than ever, but how prepared are we for the future to use chatbots instead of real phone voices, self-propelled vehicles without driving noise from the burning of petrol and household appliances that iron by themselves, prepare dishes or clean the apartment? Hard to imagine that in the future robots want to tell us how we should invest our money and which insurance fits best to our lives. But was not it hard to imagine that once everyone with a touchpad dials the number of the best friend? Or the single “SMS” would not cost 19 cents more and instead, unlimited chat via Whats app is possible? And was not it in the 70’s that innovation was to own one of the hottest microwaves that warmed up food in minutes / seconds?

Dangers of digitization – Cybercrime and Co.

Of course there is no change without risks and Austria is also confronted with cybercrime. Encrypted Trojans paralyze entire IT systems, access to data is blocked and irretrievably visible to everyone at the other end of the world. The clutches of email addresses to direct the secretary to transfer a large sum of money to the account X – the problems are present and must be solved as well. The topics of Internet protection and law and the privacy of individuals and businesses need to be developed in parallel. After all, the Internet is available to all, including fraudsters and criminals, terrorists and people with mental health problems. A fact that commands caution.

The 21st century as an age of networking

Our children learn the handling of digitization playfully, we have the responsibility to do it right. The possibilities with which this generation grows are almost unlimited. Apprenticeships and study programs will change, adapt and create new professions, everyone will have the opportunity to network with everything, to discover and try new things, to found start-ups. And let’s not forget the medicine, which still has all the ways and doors open – cancer is not curable – yet!

Learning has never been more extensive, more open and more versatile. Innovation is an opportunity, digitization is our future, full of opportunities we are looking forward to. As an online marketing agency, Rittler und Co. has specialized in the adaptive traffic system that you have developed to make companies in the digital world more successful.

CONNECT 2016: Digitization: Disrupt or be Disrupted, Cisco CIO Guillermo Diaz

Digitization of the Automotive Industry, Minds + Machines Europe

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Image Optimization with Social Media Marketing

The Web: With all its possibilities of digital marketing is firmly anchored in the strategy mix of companies. Start now and build brand fans now. Tell your Hong Kong users a story and win new brand fans for many years. The more defined the target group, the more frequently your user interaction of your followers increases. With options such as Graph Search, great tools are available to your project manager to increase the efficiency of the channel. Not just to analyze your subscribers extensively. Low Werbestreververusteuste, by the precise target group in Instagram. A little less than a third of the citizens of Germany are active in market leadership alone. Millions of potential customers who can reach social media managers at any time with ads for new products.

Products with Blogger and Influencer Marketing

Thanks to the takeover of Facebook, your company now has exactly the same options to set up your ads on Instagram as, we as agency can appeal to advertisers very accurately. The young social network Instagram is still little tested in small and medium-sized companies for goods and actions to be advertised in different social networks. For us, Influencer Marketing is always about finding experts in a specific area as a multiplier for their own brand. Through the individual users of Instagram, you can always calculate with little scattering losses during marketing on Instagram. Influencers, for example, can influence the assessment and evaluation of employers, products, brands, companies and services and thus have a positive effect on you.

Rising rankings and more visitors

In search engine optimization, a lot of attention is attracted to agencies. What is Optimization of Search Engines SEO, the search engine optimization deals fundamentally with the targeted, structured build-up of online shops for good organic visibility in the relevant search offerers. Regardless of whether the reach is occupied by busy keywords, through which Longtail is generated or by the purchase of links or backlinks of blogs and media, the occupation of digital markets is worthwhile for companies. This gives you a lot more visitors. Easy with online marketing measures and the permanent optimization of search engines. This makes your own the individual pages of your online shop better placed, much more profitable than many of your competitors.

Advertise in search engines and portals with Display Ads and Adwords

The search engines show the text ads in the later sending of a precise selection of people whose likelihood of Buying your product will be as big as possible. The individual placements then place agencies in the search results, through the organic or through advertisements on partner pages, as well as on the aforementioned much-visited special interest portals and pages. Primarily in agencies above all the search engines and all their functions and possibilities, these are AdWords and Display Ads for visual advertising with banners.

Checking and optimizing success with monitoring methods

The subsequent monitoring is controlled by the use of software such as Google Analytics or the Facebook Business Manager for Social Networks. The many user data helps to understand preferences of your social media visitors more precisely. When you analyze, you can quickly see what content is running, and your marketing can also improve the usability of your media.

Newsletter Funnel for your Onlineshop

The determined opening rate Of the newsletter is extremely high and therefore important for your own marketing mix. In the Onlineshop, we can easily gather contacts, then you will be re-applied very precisely with the right products by means of online marketing methods, such as the Funnel newsletter. Give your visitors easy-to-use added value! Direct your targeted sales process to newsletter marketing and get the results.

In particular, social media marketing such as Influencer Marketing has a steadily increasing impact on all advertising strategies for the coming season. Marketing agencies we help you as a manager with many years of expertise for absolutely different companies such as festivals, services, travel as well as the media and advertising. We analyze the success of the campaigns through the key figures or monitoring measures. We help to achieve far-reaching goals. We actively support companies pro, but they are also coaches in the companies for the training of executives and as speakers at events. With targeted measures such as SEO or search engine optimization, mostly for the most relevant of them, Google for Germany, you have long-lasting successes by higher clicks on your e-commerce or blog, as a satellite page. Put on the digital sale. Increase the sales not only through Social Networks or Amazon, increase the sales directly in your platform. Usually, you combine offline and online marketing concepts for extensive campaigns. The term online marketing points out the disadvantages and / or advantages. Digital advertising formats do not cover all potentially targetable parts of your customers’ lives, and potential fans will never know your brand. Clients will usually never deal very intensively with the details of their daily work. We take a look at all the most important sub-areas that we apply every day in projects. As a rule, customers will not deal very intensively with the details of the daily implementation. For PR, marketing and advertising agencies the trustworthy, communicative cooperation with the customer counts. In media planning, the exchange of specific information makes strategies more compressed and more effective in the achievement of Kamapagan objectives.

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