Best practice: product placements on Instagram

More and more companies are using online marketing to tap the familiar faces of the social media industry. Here you will mainly use Instagramer, Blogger and YouTuber. The so-called influencers with high reach place on your channels products and advertise for the brand. The followers are thus influenced by their idols and order or buy the advertised article. The principle that large corporations take familiar faces and role models as brand ambassadors is no new. Earlier, companies have set on rock stars, athletes, actors and and IT girls. The faces of the social media platforms often have more than a million followers, who directly consume advertising and share the likes of Likes. Thus more and more impressions are collected and even more people are reached. The most successful placements by influencers can be found in this Artifel.

1. Dagi Bee – The Bees King on Instagram

Dagi Bee, with real name Dagmara Nicole, has 4.8 million followers on Instagram and is one of the most successful influencers in Germany. For several weeks, she has been working with Daniel Wellington. The watchmaker provides the 23-year-old watches, which she carries on an Instagrampost and marks Daniel Wellington. In addition, it gives a discount code, which your followers can use and save money.

2. Novalanalove – Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion

Farina Opoku, has been cooperating with the online modelabel Nakdfashion for a long time. In the beginning, the designer of the blogger sent her clothes, so that Farina wears it and makes advertising on your instagram channel. In the meantime, the label and the blogger have teamed up and designed a joint collection. The second collection of Farina for Nakd will be launched in a few weeks.

Guys finally ?✨ all the earring are NOW available too on @nakdfashion #farinafornakd

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Farina Opoku (@novalanalove) am

3. Marvyn Macnificent – the make-up man

The Wahlberliner is mainly on YouTube, where he regularly puts his subscriber on the spot. The make-up talent is known for its extravagant looks with lots of glitter and dramatic eyelashes. He is not only in the style squad of Maybelline Jade Germany, but he also often receives products from Urban Decay, which he raffles mostly among his followers.

4. Paula Krämer – the conscious sportswoman motivates your fans

The fitness blogger Paula has a range of 239k on Instagram and turns among other things sportsvideos and Vlogs on her YouTube channel. The trained blonde looks very much at her diet and the right protein supply. That’s why she advertises for a food supplements manufacturer and presents her fans regularly the new varieties or different recipe variations with the muscle boosters.

5. Yvonne Pfeffer

The actress, instagram, and YouTuberin host on your Insta account a reach of over a million followers. She already had several co-operation with various manufacturers from the fitness, nutrition and garment industry. But now a new company has been added: Nivea. The always smiling Cologne woman shows her fans a pack of Nivea, which she received.