Social media live marketing: Pure entertainment for event, festivals and pos promotion

Social Racoon – You and your team work on different customer projects in a simple tool. Optimize the performance of your customers through live events. Your advertising agency is looking for the best software tools for Instagram & Co? The recommendation for live communication Read more

Adobe Premiere Pro – Video Training for beginners: from autocorrection to editing

More and more photographers are changing to video editing! Why not? Not only for social media marketing ideas of customers one needs more and more video material, also at the sales points, directly in the stores, POS takes more and more video marketing Read more

The most successful YouTube channels of all time

YouTube is no longer a platform on which you can watch only music videos from well-known artists from all over the world. For a long time, more and more young people have been making videos online to entertain and inspire people. The hype of the YouTube trend started in America Read more

The most influential Instagram accounts in the world

Instagram is a great platform to learn about the lives of the stars and influencers around the world. Every day, private persons, as well as people of public life, share a million pictures on the portal. But who is actually the most influential canal on Instagram? And how many followers does it have Read more

Instagram – #1 Social Media Network

Instagram what is that at all? Instagram is a social media platform that belongs to the same group as Facebook. It is still relatively new and therefore just right in the coming. Instagram has now many functions. The origin function was to share pictures with his friends. In the meantime, however Read more

St. Petersburg Online Marketing Agency

Your company is supposed to be Online Marketing Rockstar. All our experts and consultants in St. Petersburg are well educated digital natives, so we are planning as consultants concrete goals for brands and companies. The mobile web and digital media have influenced the lives of every Read more

Online Marketing Agency Madrid

Online Marketing Agency for Madrid Strategies: Your consultants for digital branding and positioning. Use our online marketing to access our personal advice and many years of expertise with core competences in marketing, strategy and design. Online trading and marketing is absolutely Read more

Online Marketing Agency Hannover: Influencer Marketing and more

Online Marketing Agency for Hannover: Use our agency to access the experience and individual consultation with core competences in design, digital strategy and online marketing. Your agency for digital branding and positioning. Online trading is in virtually extremely diverse. The change begins with SEO measures Read more

Online Marketing Agency in Hamburg: All about social media strategies, SEO and Interactions

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Increasing Interactions and Clicks

Media usage is potentially shifting to the web and social media. Get together with us as a social media manager new buyers for the future with good strategies! Start now, strategically build up brand tags today. With features such as Graph-Search from Market Leader Facebook, you will have great tools, not just to get to know your followers precisely, so we can quickly make precise advertising concepts for you. Low scattering losses with expert know-how. 1/3 of the Germans is registered at Facebook, for example. Potential customers the social media managers can apply at any time with extreme accuracy. The interaction of the users is important. Influencer Marketing for Audiences

Thanks to Facebook’s takeover, your company now has the same advertising opportunities on Instagram As a social media agency, your customers can appeal to advertisements in the Instagram Stream. In Influencer Marketing, it is the opinion of the opinion leaders. Multipliers who are in demand as experts on their subject area. Many marketing representatives do not yet understand the potential, especially in the case of travel destinations, which is part of Instagram’s social network. Through the very special user group of Instagram, young people, you can plan with little scatter loss of action on Instagram. Influencers, for example, have a strong impact on the assessment and evaluation of services and brands in their community work.

More organic traffic and strong rankings through the optimization of susch machines / H2>

SEO, the optimization of search engines is concerned in its basics first with the systematic, targeted build-up of shops for a good organic visibility in the search engines. The consistent monetization of digitized markets is an absolute recommendation for brands. No matter whether traffic is generated by well-planned keywords, by buying links or backlinks from blogs and media, or by keywords in the longtail. In online marketing agencies, search engine optimization has attracted a lot of attention, as success is very sustainable and brands can therefore generate additional profit for the coming months and years. This means that your online shop is placed much higher, much higher than the competitors. That’s why your online shop gets a lot more clicks on the offer, through online marketing measures and constant content optimization.

With the help of Adwords, you advertise ads in search engines and large portals

Popular are in search engines and one in particular Google and their functions and setting possibilities, which are among other Google’s Adwords and Display ads.

KPI and ROI by monitoring different channels

Monitoring is usually done through network-internal software, Such as Google Analytics for Onlineshops or Business Manager from Facebook. The needs of your visitors are well known to your marketing managers, thanks to the diverse user data gathering platforms and networks. By analyzing and evaluating the data, you quickly know which content is running very well. In addition, it is relatively uncomplicated to increase the usability of our own existing media by means of constant analysis.

Generate purchase decision with newsletter / Funnel

Marketing is very high and thus effective for online marketing. Webshops we can easily collect contact information. Afterwards the individual user will be advertised very precisely by the Funnel with the appropriate products. As of today, offer all your visitors non-committal added value. Focus your entire sales process on Funnel / Newsletter Marketing and you will see the satisfactory results.

Online Marketing Consultant for Brands and Agencies

As an online marketing agency, we help you develop your strategy. Our managers ensure smooth project sequences and high-quality results behind the camera. Fast infrastructure, fast reaction times, do not wait for action recommendations. Your agency for online advertising for strong brands, media, products and campaigns. From international commercials for the beauty industry to work in Milan, New York & Co. Precisely calculated and tailored to your budget. For you, therefore, the absolutely smooth project workflow. Services that help you achieve the best results. Whether you are an advertising agency or are working for another company, our agents will be happy to help you. All our agents encourage clients as a media agency and organization to achieve absolutely high-quality results for your customers.

Lissabon Online Marketing Agency

Online Marketing Rockstar will be in Lisbon. As an expert and consultant, our marketing managers are on the cutting edge, so we develop target groups as consultants for companies and brands. Our marketing agency advises companies on new ideas, campaigns and the spread on different Read more