Is content marketing just a hype? + Facebook API restriction: What is changing?

Social media and search engines – how are both fields different? We introduce a new tool to filter social noise but also discuss the topic of social media networks as a search engine. Let’s start with the most important topics. The overview of the most important online marketing blogs with all links follows directly after the headlines. You like to see all headlines? Check out the online marketing news.

  1. Content marketing is not a hype
  2. Facebook curtails access to Instagram API
  3. Talkwalker: The social media search engine in the test

Content Marketing Basics:

Content marketing is not a hype

Content is just a hype? Absolutely no way! As we will soon see in the relevance of search engines, the relevance of social networks has also increased when it comes to the search behavior of users. This immediately implies the importance of content. However, content exists in various forms, but ultimately any type of content is extensible or duplicatable. This creates large networks and large websites. Also in our weekly review, it’s about content and its sustainability. Especially for the placement in search engines and thus the generation of new reach and new fans or customers. Anyone who wants to read more about it finds everything important in the headlines of today.

Influencer Marketing Tools Under Pressure:

Facebook curtails access to Instagram API

After data scandal Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has committed to changing the privacy settings and wants to treat public information more sensitive. Of course, Facebook also includes other social networks as well as Instagram or Whatsapp. Also, Instagram is changing its API policy and limited access to the public retrievable there.

Also parts of our software development are influenced by these innovations. Our software social analytics, which deals in particular with the topic of Instagram and influencer marketing, will not be able to be further developed. By restricting public data, many relevant information is lost to online marketing agencies and advertising agencies, which they need to book influencers and bloggers for campaigns. They are z.b. Information about the fan number and the growth over a long time but also the calculation of interaction rates. Likewise, monitoring in Blogger Marketing has become much more difficult, as the information will not be so easily available. To calculate campaigns and success, quite a tough topic that will be discussed this week in the online marketing blogs.

Talkwalker Quick Search:

The social media search engine in the test

Already heard by Talkwalker? If not, you should check Talkwalker Quick Search: The social media search engine!

Away from Talkwalker. We all know search engines, of course. Google probably knows everyone. Google is the world’s largest search engine, serving over 80% of search queries in Western countries alone. Every day, hundreds of millions of search queries are started, here alone. This results in an incredible relevance for Google but also for the search engine market in general. In the US, it’s a little different, there is not only Google as a giant leader, but also Yahoo and Bing and DuckDuckGoGo. However, have you ever thought about how many search queries are made on social networks every day? Search queries for all sorts of help and tutorials or exciting documentaries on YouTube, search queries for events or specific interest groups on Facebook, the hashtag search on Instagram for trends and inspiration or even the image search on Pinterest. Search engines are no longer just the classic websites, but also the new social networks that provide information created by the users themselves, especially by individuals. Even today’s headlines are about this topic, social networks are increasingly becoming the major search engines for home users.

Online Marketing News: B2B & B2C

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