The most influential Instagram accounts in the world

Instagram is a great platform to learn about the lives of the stars and influencers around the world. Every day, private persons, as well as people of public life, share a million pictures on the portal. But who is actually the most influential canal on Instagram? And how many followers does it have? This and other answers can be found in the following article.

1. Instagram – the largest influencer on its own platform

Actually, it is no wonder, but in fact, Instagram’s Instagram account is highly personal, the most persecuted account around the world. With just under 224.1 million followers, it is the first place in the World Cup with a strong lead. Instagram repositions stunning images, which are posted with the hashtag #instagram.

2. Selena Gomez – inspires millions of fans in turn

She is not only beautiful, the girlfriend of The Weeknd and singer – no! She is also the second most successful Instagram Channel in the world! With 151.5 million followers, the American, which has Mexican and Italian roots, shares her life.

3. Ariana Grande – much grace and heart in a picture

The pop singer is currently on world tour, meets every day interesting personalities of the showbusiness and tours every continent. Obendrauf has her own perfume and co-arrangements with big brands. Finally, it leads the third largest channel on Instagram: with an incredible 107 million subscribers.

4. Beyonce – for more women’s power!

She is an absolute power woman, strengthens women around the world, is soon 3 times mother, fills the stadiums around the global and radiates a self-esteem feeling, which she recommends to every woman. She has earned 102.8 million loyal fans, who regularly support and support her on Instagram.


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5. Cristiano Ronaldo – not only makes women’s hearts beat faster worldwide

He is one of the world footballers, brand ambassadors, perfume makers, women’s heroes, role models for young and old, and works for the poor in the world. Exactly from such greens, 102.6 million people follow him on his Instagram page.