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Your online marketing manager for people in New York! We are your partner in digital marketing with our expertise in the acquisition of new customers and the development of the digital marketing plan. We support trend-conscious brands in Paris, who want to optimize their marketing strategies, for high-growth campaigns. The use of digital media has been significantly changed. Especially social media marketing like Influencer Marketing, organic link building has a big factor in advertising agencies. Managers and agencies, we help you as experienced specialists in various fields such as automotive engineering, fashion and communication and information technology. Strategy with e-commerce newsletter, blog system, SEO, SEA, blog, A-B test, content strategies and e-commerce tracking for efficient media and sales figures. For advertisers, all analyzes show subtle differences, depending on the age of your intended users.

Online marketing agency for Paris: newsletter, blog system, SEO, creative Blogs with added value for your users, content ideas and tracking

Agency for online marketing in Paris: With our agency, you can rely on the expertise and first-class consulting with core competences in conception, marketing and planning. Your partner for digital brand communication and positioning. Digital marketplaces are diverse, large and unclear. The transition begins with performance marketing and goes through marketing automation to consulting for online advertising and big data. This is all the more important in the future-oriented advertising strategy and the decision for the right sales channel.

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New Social Media Methods for Increasing Interactions and Clicks

The use of media is not only shifting into social media in recent years. Become creative, tell your fans in social media your individual company history and inspire fans for many years! Now it’s up to you to build up your brand or brand with innovative social media management brands. In order to analyze followers in detail, you can use fantastic tools such as Facebook’s GraphSearch. One of three German citizens is registered on Facebook, the largest social network, a high number of potential customers who can target social media managers. The more defined the target group of social media managers, the more frequently the user interaction of your followers increases. By the very special user group of Instagram, young people, you can always calculate with little scatter losses by users at the promotion.

Branding with Influencer Marketing

What Instagram, different from the other communitystarkensocial networks like Twitter is the very fine management of target groups. A large number of marketing agents do not see Instagram as an efficient or rich-selling sales channel. In Influencer Marketing, it is a question of winning brand advocates. Multipliers, which are in demand as renowned experts. Through the very individual users of Instagram, which are young people, you can always plan with marketing campaigns with little incidence of spreading losses during campaigns. Influencers, for example, have a strong influence on the assessment and evaluation of brands, employers, products, services and companies with their community work.

SEO and SEM For more organic traffic and visitors.

What is meant by optimization of search engines? SEO is concerned with the targeted, structured page layout for a naturally high visibility in the major search engines and comparison portals. No matter whether traffic is generated by buying backlinks from the media and blogs, by busy keywords or by the longtail, the monetarization of the digital market is extremely rewarding for companies. In our management, the search engine optimization is one of the first steps in the agency’s work, as success is very sustainable and companies profit for years. This will give your onlineshop much more visitors to your offer. Easy with online marketing measures and permanent content optimization. So, your online store will be placed higher, much better than many competing products in the market.

Through AdWords, you’ll advertise your ads on Google and on portals

In Online Marketing agencies are popular in particular the search engines and all their functions and possibilities for customer projects, which are among others Google Adwords and for the portals Display ads. For textualization, online marketing agencies naturally use priority advertising with Google and its opportunities for employees with Adwords. Placements are placed by managers in the search mask or by advertising on partner pages.

KPI and ROI: Monitoring different channels

Monitoring is usually done through network-internal software, such as the Facebook Business Manager or Google Analytics, or Webmaster Tool As the ranking tool XOVI.

Smart Newsletter Funnel for your webshop

Now offer all your visitors easily consumable added value. Direct the entire sales process to Newsletter / Funnel Marketing. In the online shop, you can open up contacts very well, then the user will use the Funnel newsletter to advertise exactly the products you have already visited. The determined opening rate in the newsletter marketing is high and thus relevant for the own marketing mix. Newsletter Funnels play an individual-looking process.

As an agency, we can help you create sophisticated methods for your campaigns.

Sales promotion by Online Marketing One Specialist

We organize Reliable manager for their next project. With our online marketing agency as an agency in Paris, we will find a good manager. In the digital promotion of new products in Influencer Marketing, product and brand advocates are called for to win, which are very much in demand as savvy experts for very specific topics.

Our agency will help you to achieve your goals quickly, calculably and in a timely manner. Using sophisticated metrics and monitoring measures, your online marketing agency in Paris analyzes the success of online campaigns. Our agency helps brands actively, but they are also as trainers as speakers on events and in trainings. The visitors’ willingness to buy, keyword optimization and reach will optimize your sales. With search engine optimization (SEO), mostly for Google for Germany as well as Bing in the USA, you have sustainable success through higher organic clicks on your e-commerce. This way, you can increase sales, not just in Social Networks Amazon or Ebay, but also directly in your own platform. Not every life situation of the fans covers digital advertising. At some point, your project managers will combine markets with know-how to link the exciting mix of online and offline marketing strategies for your company to broad advertising campaigns in Germany and Europe-wide. Even the term online marketing points out the disadvantages and / or advantages, as well as possible chances and risks. Clients will usually not deal very intensively with the details of the concept. As a rule, customers are never really deeply involved with the concept. Many disciplines were formed in online marketing, w, so we keep an eye on all the basic areas we know. The information exchange makes concepts more refined, as does the strategy. For all marketing and advertising agencies, it is important to work closely with your departments.

Accurately calculated and customized for your campaign budget.