Personal Branding and Instagram Shopping: New Secret Weapons in Online Marketing

What’s new on the online marketing blogs this week? Self branding is especially important in marketing, but how exactly does it work? PR Blogger explains it to you. Also brand new on Instagram: Instagram Shopping! Instagram has long been known as an advertising platform, but the lack of links has often made it difficult for companies to really win customers. Instagram’s new feature explained in detail by Blogger More Fire. Anyone who does search engine optimization knows: Content is the alpha and omega. 121 Watts introduces you to the top 8 content marketing tools on his blog this week. Head over to the main headlines this week: Online Marketing News .

  1. Influencers talk about personal branding
  2. Instagram Shopping – finally available in Germany
  3. 8 tools for better content

Personal Branding, Instagram Shopping and Content Marketing

Personal Branding for Self Employed, Blogger and Start Ups

In times of social media, self branding is becoming more and more important in marketing. Self branding is the marketing of a specific person. No brand or anonymous product, it is about a person, his reputation, his appearance and its effect on his audience. No matter if it concerns self-marketing, projects in the B2B segment or B2C. The marketing of one’s own person is particularly important for many coaches and for self-employed people who rely entirely on their know-how. Special expertise in this area is provided by influencers, young bloggers who specialize in sharing their lives and thoughts with others through social networks such as Instagram or YouTube. The transfer of knowledge increases the reputation of one’s own target group. The more reputation a person has, the higher the chance that they will be booked, for jobs, assignments or even speeches. But right from the start, I’m self-employed, trying to move my own brand forward, and need advice, how do I get started? To be successfull you need to be a good leader, read more about 21 Rules for Being a Better Thought Leader.

Now in Germany: Instagram Shopping!

Influencers beware! Now you can also use Instagram shopping in Germany. Direct linking to products and goods of companies, but also of bloggers and small startups. With this, Facebook is not only expanding its own marketplace, but its subsidiary Instagram is also expanding its own marketplace. As a result, Instagram is becoming more and more of a multi-functional app and comes away from classic photos. Online shopping on Instagram has long been a topic, especially for businesses. The tracking of sales has been extremely difficult in social media monitoring tasks, as there are no links below the postings. Without a link we can not understand if purchasing was done or not. Sure, you can work with discount codes but not everyone will use them. One or the other will hear about our brand through the Instagram post but not buy anything through the code but google for our brand by itself, e.g. because she saw her two days ago on one of her favorite bloggers. Every click, every action is another barrier to buying, so Instagram Shopping will revolutionize the world of bloggers and businesses.

Content Marketing Tools

Content is king! If you do not believe in it, then you believe something wrong. Content marketing is still one of the most effective ways to win customers. Why? Page 1 on Google costs us no money, unlike an ad on page 1. Page 1 on YouTube costs us very little money, unlike advertising. It’s the same on Instagram, we want to be on the timeline. Content marketing is a wide range, from classic SEO, search engine optimization to social media marketing as a communication strategy. If you improve your own content, you can now find 121watt 8 tools for better content in the blog, because not everyone is creative or has the time to constantly think about their own content. The production of content is now possible through free online tools, from small animated gifs to memes. But here are also critical voices about search engine optimization and rankings throughout content marketing: Your Google Rank Doesn’t Matter Anymore.

Online Marketing News: B2B & B2C

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