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Online marketing agency in Santiago – online trading and marketing is absolutely diverse. Your reliable online marketing agency with core competences for companies in strategic marketing, strategy and design. Your agency for digital transformation and positioning your brand. All the more useful is the pre-targeted digital strategy and the decision for the right channels. The change begins with content marketing and goes through marketing conception to consulting for online advertising and big data and their analyzes.

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The Online Marketing Agency for Santiago: Newsletter Funnel, Targeting in Social Networks, PR Ideas, Online Advertising Campaigns, AB Tests and Social

We are your online marketing agency manager ! We support your company in B2B as well as in the B2C business. With insights for the generation of new target groups and the long-term planned establishment of the digital marketing plan. Our digital marketing agency helps brands in Santiago for cross-media online campaigns. The mobile web and the digital media are increasingly changing the way users use. Experienced marketing agencies help us as experienced consultants with expertise in various industries such as publishing houses, foodstuffs, products as well as travel companies. One thing is certain: for online marketing managers there are subtle differences. Implementation with newsletter marketing, targeting on portals, PR ideas, advertising, content marketing, A / B testing and social media management for impressive results. Especially social media marketing like Influencer Marketing, organic link building has a big factor in relevant decisions in companies. We monitor the overall succession of campaigns. Our managers help with a calculable realization of the given goals. With a well-made search engine optimization you optimize not only exclusively in social networks Amazon the sales, optimize the performance also directly in your own online shop. Our agency is an active adviser, but also as a trainer we are directly involved as a speaker at congresses and in further education. Digital distribution and reach increase your profit! With targeted measures such as search engine optimization (SEO), your shop has achieved sustained success through greater reach. The definition of the term Online, in the online marketing points to the given advantages and disadvantages of the still young discipline. Does not reach all potentially targetable living areas of target groups. Combine new and old markets, integrate the interesting mix of online and offline marketing strategies. As a rule, customers do not deal with everyday work. Close collaboration between the marketing and PR agencies favors a time-saving project implementation. With the individual tasks and the everyday media work do not concern themselves thereby. For this you book an advertising agency. In media planning, the exchange of specific information makes strategies more compressed and much more effective in achieving goals. Many disciplines were formed around online marketing. W, so we keep a close eye on all the main areas.

Achieve more traffic and rising rankings through SEO

In the agency, the search engine optimization is a fundamental component of the agency, since the success through search portals is very long-lasting. The sustained occupation of digital markets is an absolute recommendation for companies. Regardless of whether reach is generated by the purchase of backlinks of portals and bloggers, by busy keywords or by the longtail. SEO is concerned with the targeted, structured page layout for a good organically evolving visibility at all search providers. In this way, your own individual pages will be placed much higher, much better than the competitors. Most shopkeepers are quickly overwhelmed by search engine optimization, search engine marketing and search engine marketing for content management systems and blogs. You’ll get much more relevant and, above all, better-quality clicks on the offer, just through online marketing concepts and constant content optimization.

Google and Portals

Placements are then placed in the search results, before the organic or even through online advertising on partner pages, as well as the described much visited portals, which just like simple blogs also through affiliate their money with The advertising revenues of banner and text ads. Primarily in the online marketing of course the search engines and all their functions and possibilities, Google’s Adwords also help for the magazines and portals display ads. For banner and text advertising in search engines, online marketing agencies in Santiago naturally prefer Google Adwords.

Newsletter Funnel for the online shop

Your users will appreciate it. Give your users a non-binding added value and focus your additional sales process on promising newsletter marketing. On websites and shops we can collect e-mail addresses excellently. Subsequently, the subscription through the e-mail Funnel is very advertised with the appropriate goods again. The clicks on newsletters are still high today, and so important for your marketing.

Use social networks for your

Become creative, tell your fans Your story and inspire brand fans for many years. Start now, build brand slogans today, use creative technologies like Retargeting for your project project KPIs. Media usage is shifting increasingly into social networks. Low advertising loss with know-how from online marketing experts. One third of the Germans are registered with Facebook. Millions of potential customers also in Santiago the Social Media Manager at any time can accurately advertise themselves with Facebook ads quickly for new brands. Social media marketing depends on the interaction. The precisely selected target group pushes the factor of interaction like comments to your brand. In order to analyze your followers extensively, your team has great tools from the market leader, such as GraphSearch.

Targeting accurate product placement through Influencer Marketing

In Influencer Marketing, it is a question of gaining a wide range of experts and multipliers on a specific area as a multiplier for their own brand. By acquiring Instagram through Facebook, your social media managers now have on Instagram almost the same admins in the admanager, as an agency, you can find your prospects in Santiago very accurately with ad ads in the Instagram stream. Many onlinemarketers in agencies do not yet understand the potential, especially in creative target groups, what is in the social network Instagram. Invest in small scatter losses through the very precisely adjustable target group approach in Instagram. Influencers, for example, have a strong influence on the assessment, recommendation and evaluation of products, companies or employers.

ROI and KPI determine monitoring of different channels

Subsequent monitoring in online marketing is usually carried out by means of network-internal software, such as the business manager of market leader Facebook or Google’s analytics or for placing webmaster tools. The numerous usage data helps to make your fans’ preferences even more accurate. Through the subsequent analysis, you quickly see which content works well in the target group. For this purpose, it is easy to improve the usability of our own current media by constantly analyzing it.

Consulting for companies! Strategies for executives

As a marketing agency, our consultants help your staff to create tailor-made strategies and methods for your predefined digital campaigns in Santiago and worldwide Online Marketing One Experts

In the modern marketing of new ideas and products in Influencer Marketing, it is first and foremost about inspiring product and brand advocates, who are in demand as savvy experts at PR and social media agencies Products to advertise.