Social media live marketing: Pure entertainment for event, festivals and pos promotion

Social Racoon – You and your team work on different customer projects in a simple tool. Optimize the performance of your customers through live events. Your advertising agency is looking for the best software tools for Instagram & Co? The recommendation for live communication and social media marketing also at the POS! Social Racoon brings fans and brands digitally together, live or online, with the Social Tag Wall you have all new postings, chronologically sorted, always at a glance. Whether a marketing event or roadshow, the Social Tag Wall is a real magnet for people. In addition, the Social Racoon application provides smart solutions such as Automatic Repost. How to fill your channel quickly and easily with good content. At present, 3,541,268 people live and work at home in the center of Berlin and its suburbs. Trust your own strength! Each of them could be a potential multiplier for your next brand.

Focus Berlin: Push your online marketing & live actions

Of course we could look at many cities worldwide for the review, but we want to take a closer look at the potential potential of a city, the capital: Berlin. Currently 3,541,268 inhabitants live and work in Berlin. This shows for Mediamanager with its possibilities a good city for digital, crossmediale advertising. If you are now adding to the Berlin environment, you will quickly get many internet users for your company. As you can see from the numbers, these are very many new potential customers, right in your environment. Trust in the growth of social networks of your own brand! Each of them is a potential buyer for your marketers for new products in the market.

Social Tag Wall for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others

Increase your user retention and interaction for campaigns and music events with the new Tag Wall. Easily sort your dashboard into various network users, as well as tags. The Social Wall automatically updates itself so that your team can focus on events. Is so uncomplicated. Now all the matching photos are collected in the social networks of SOCIAL RACOON and then posted automatically on a timeline. The live stream can be easily installed at the location of the action, but also online, on websites and shops. Collect in an interactive stream within your own media, with individual creative possibilities. The software combines social media and new live marketing:


  • Hashtags and users
  • Configuration with a few steps
  • Tags and users
  • Integration into websites and shops
  • Screens play the Tag Wall simply
  • Individual design options of the Wall
  • Stand-alone update after times
  • Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  • New ones are already under development

Social media reaches as many people as hardly a second medium. Activate fans to more than just comments and likes. Why software for live communication? Instagram is a little different than all the other social media channels, because there is only one link in the profile, no more, yet the service explodes for sharing pictures, special moments, news and small videos. Users will be part of your campaign and brand, for Berlin. Social Racoon supports your employees as an uncomplicated digital solution for advertising agencies and companies, fans become active. Achieve your company goals by inspiring fans and customers. Enable authentic communication with their users, through more interaction, comments, likes and fans.

Live integration

The Tag Wall was conceived by us for:

  • Product presentations and awards
  • Innovative social media marketing campaigns
  • Displays and screens in stores
  • Live events such as sporting events, premieres and marketing campaigns

Live Communication with Influencers or IndividualsTake a stay of visitors

What sets Instagram apart from other larger social networks is the very exact target group setting. Many marketing developers in agencies do not yet see the potential of Instagram. Promote low scattering losses, with experience and know-how from experts. Influencers, for example, have an influence on the assessment and evaluation of brands, services and companies. Influencer stands for a person who is interesting in social media such as Snapchat and Facebook for advertising and marketing of brands due to their high reputation and their strong presence. In the marketing of products in Influencer Marketing, it is said to inspire advocates for their own brand As experts are in demand. For promotions with influencers, targeted opinion leaders are used for the guaranteed success of the promotion with a large-scale community for advertising and marketing campaigns. An influencer is always a person who has made a real name through a lot of competence in a specific area. Influencers are, for example, politicians, bloggers, athletes and journalists. Increase the value of your brand with the confidence advance of your target group by supporting the influencers.

Time management for social networks

Perhaps you are asking yourself now, is the advertising investment worthwhile? 464,968 Berliners are statistically between 6 am and 4 pm online. Statistical tips create the users of social media daily between 7 pm and 8 pm with 25 people. In the striking period between 16 and 20 o’clock, 25 people are online in Berlin. These are immediately 279 thousand Berlin residents additionally, which you will then reach with ads and advertisements on Youtube. Other times are less worthwhile. At 5-8 o’clock, only 106,238 Berlin people are online.

Join people on events using your tag wallmarketing on the social network

Media usage has not only shifted increasingly to the Internet and to social media in recent years. Meet fans through new ideas thought-out strategies! The media use of the Germans shows that more than 60 million Deutsche Online are active. A third of the German citizens are registered with Facebook, a large number of potential customers in Berlin too, the social media managers reach extremely quickly with Facebook ads for new ideas. If you now build brand names, use smart technologies such as retargeting pixels to re-grab them. With us, you can always rely on social media management in Berlin to have the absolute professionals in the team for strong results.

Satisfied customers: The interaction rate is increasing

The Berlin user very active. With the evaluation of photos and self-help, 2,516,658 people are concerned every day in the whole of Berlin. 340.067 want to find new friends. 884.175 users want to maintain contact with their friends. 79,349 use social media especially for professional. Also 45,342 want to meet customers for companies.

Virality and more interaction: Now available for live events