The most successful YouTube channels of all time

YouTube is no longer a platform on which you can watch only music videos from well-known artists from all over the world. For a long time, more and more young people have been making videos online to entertain and inspire people. The hype of the YouTube trend started in America and came slowly to Germany in 2009. In the past many YouTubbers were smiled for their daily life and shared with unknown people on the Internet. Nowadays, YouTube has become a real business and YouTuber are the stars and role models of a whole generation who can make a lot of good moves. In this article you can learn more about the most influential YouTuber.

1. PewDiePie – a daring Swede captures YouTube

The Swede is the most successful and largest YouTuber in the world with 55.2 million subscribers and over 3,000 videos! In 2010, the then 20-year-old started his YouTube channel and regularly uploaded Lets-Plays. In these videos, he showed his subscribers the art of video games. In addition to his Lets Plays, he also loads up entertainment videos, as well as challenges and realtime videos, in which he explains his stories to his followers. The special thing: his followers have a maximum of 24 hours waiting for a new video, as he is produced, edited and uploaded every day.

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On the world-wide list, there are several YouTube channels like the VEVO Channels by Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Katy Perry & Co, or the channel of the US Talkshow by Ellen DeGeneres, after PewDiePie.

2. Fernanfloo – not only makes people laugh

In 2011 the Latin American established his channel on YouTube and christened him Fernanfloo. On his first videos, there were parodies of Star Wars. As a protagonist, he used dogs fighting against each other in Star Wars clothing. Gradually, he uploaded more sketches with his brother and gaming videos. Over the years, he collected 21.8 million followers on YouTube.

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3. Whinderssonnunes – the true multitalent of the platform

The Brazilian singer, Comedian and YouTuber presented his first video 2013 online. Mainly, he entertaines his viewers with funny videos, vlogs and parodies. A video of him is viewed on average over 10 million times. His total number of followers amounts to 20,000,000 on YouTube alone!

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4. CorryCotton / Dude Perfect – the coolest dudes of the university

In June 2009 the friends Coby, Corry, Garett, Cody Jones and Tyler founded the channel corycotton. The group name is Dude Perfect. The guys live together during the university and play together in a basketball team. They featured extreme sports methods on YouTube, but also uploaded funny videos imitating stereotypes. In the last few years, they have set up some world records and try to surpass each other anew. In the meantime they have over 18 million subscribers and over 3 billion total views.

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5. Yuya – with beauty to the forefront of the world

At the 5th place is a young woman from Mexico. In 2015, she was awarded the best paid and influential beauty blogger in the world. The 25-year-old is 1.58 cm tall and has a range of 18 million followers, as well as over a billion views.

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