Stock Photos, Illustrations and Vector Art Premium Prices vs Free and Royalty Free

Are stockpiling packages worth? A picture says more than a thousand words, you know this proverb surely! Photos and graphics not only make web sites more lively but also newsletters, image brochures, brochures, exhibitors and flyers! Many have also had experience with stock images or have directly taken photos of photographers. There are large archives or photo packs, with which you can directly buy hundreds or even thousands of photos at once. These photos and graphics can then be used, usually no matter for which medium, no matter what range. Especially as an advertising agency and social media agency, the use of images is an essential means to address users. For example, A music festival, you need of course also the corresponding picture material, z.b. Young people who have fun. If you have a little bit of sun in the picture, the festival is much easier to sell than by a mere text. Images deliver as the emotions that an onlineshop, a website, but also all other media, which are produced in companies.

In the article we describe the use, pricing and copyright of stock photos. If you want to go directly to the 1500+ picture archive, click here: 1500+ pictures for sale! The package includes:

  1. The largest niches in the world wide web
  2. In 150 categories
  3. Gigantic selection
  4. People up landscapes
  5. Emotions
  6. Food
  7. Sports and fitness
  8. Lifestyle and fashion
  9. Holidays like Christmas
  10. Automotive and engineering
  11. Cities and sights
  12. Professional groups such as lawyers and doctors
  13. Background for web pages
    1500+ pictures for only € 59 (German)

What are Stock Images?

Let us take a step back to photography. Usually finished photographers photos for a particular customer. This customer can then use the photos, for themselves and their purposes. In some cases, usage times are fixed, in other cases not, here the image material is bought off completely for a flat rate. No matter how, in any case, always meet a photographer and a customer and both exchange goods for money. Many small, young companies or even startups, do not have the necessary capital to invest a lot on this point. Therefore, it is worthwhile to buy stockfotos for you.

Stock photos are produced by photographers who then place them in an online platform. There are several, for example, Fotolia, Shutterstock or iStock .. This online platform then offers the photos of the photographer to a large audience. Users as well as advertising agencies can register here and buy credits for cash, they can be used as a user and buy a photo. Each photo then costs a certain amount of credits. The photo is one but not exclusive, everyone can buy the photo and then use it to its media. Thus, the photographer deserves good, although the individual customers on average pay less.

How is it with the license for stock photos?

The identification requirement for stock photomaterial is differently regulated on the different platforms. While on platforms like iStock you have to specify the author directly on each page or directly under the image material, other platforms like Fotolia say that a single reference in the imprint is sufficient. Here the differences are fine but still very important. If you use image material, you do not always necessarily under each individual photo the marking of the respective picture platform make. If you only have to stop this one time, with copyright notice, in the imprint, it keeps the site much cleaner and more professional. Therefore it is worth to look for the usage rights in the information of the respective picture platform before the registration and according to the respective markings that have to be made. It is important in every case that an identification takes place. An example of the marking can be found directly under the photo!

© EpicStockMedia–

On the other hand, larger image packages are different, they are bought in large quantities and can be used freely afterwards. There is often no explicit labeling requirement. It is important to check after each purchase how the respective license rights are, in order to avoid expensive warnings from attorneys for the use of the image.

Do large advertising agencies use stock material?

Of course, also large advertising agencies use stock material. Especially when it comes to the creation of collages, the use is also very legitimate. Photoshootings usually cost a lot of money, are planning-intensive and of course require a large team for the realization. With stock photos, all this is not needed. The picture can be bought within a few seconds and can be used online within a few seconds. This is why many advertising agencies are reverting to it. If you now create a collage, many images connect to a new, so the original is no longer recognizable. There is then no real original anymore, since several pictures have been put together. This could be, for example, a beautiful garden in which an exempted woman is placed, the sky is dyed blue and still sun-drenched with a large striking lettering. In addition there is the one or the other logo of the customer and already one has a completely new work, that no one will recognize. At the same time, an enormous amount of time and budget was saved by eliminating the need for extra photoshootings.

How are credits offset?

The credits are first purchased for a certain amount by the respective user, as described above. The amount fluctuates depending on the network from € 2 to € 5 per individual credit. Usually you buy 20, 30 credits or more. This gives you a little discount. For big agencies the investment is worthwhile. Suppliers like iStock also have flatrates. This allows you to download a certain number of photos in a certain time period.

Now one can make on picture search and should use exactly keywords in the search. Something like “garden” or “sun” instead of “gardening with sunrays”. So you can find the best picture material in stock archives. Then one should also pay attention to the advanced search, here, for example, Set price option. Credits are charged quite differently. On the one hand, the credits differ in the size of the pictures. If you buy the smallest version you usually pay only 1 credit, If you buy higher-resolution images, you pay more. The advanced settings in the search are also important because of the direct price settings you can make. This means that not only the sizes of the images are differently dimensioned, but the individual images are also priced differently. So some pictures cost 70 credits, while others cost only 3 credits. If you do not know this, you quickly buy a very expensive picture. For this reason, you always have to think about the price regulator in stock archives.

Expensive photos have an advantage, probably it’s less used than cheap photos. The probability of doubling is therefore lower.

What are the alternatives to Shutterstock, iStock and Fotolia?

Who does not want to do every time completely new on the picture search or z.b. Directly several pictures needs, can also buy a larger picture archive. In this picture packages are usually hundreds or thousands of photos, which are sold bundled in the package. These photos are often created under the Creative Commons License and are searched by individual persons on the Internet and combined to the archives. The big advantage of the large packages is that one has directly thousands, different from photos on the computer has.

With this material you can not only supply one project, but directly several employees. The pictures are always familiar to one’s own, so you often avoid the search for new pictures. The photos of an image database can also be loaded into a cloud and thus, for example, Can be used by all employees. Through image archives, there are numerous advantages for companies and their employees. The image material can be used freely and not only in one not only in a special medium, such as, for example, Only online or just print. This gives the company a lot more possibilities in its own work and in the own implementation of the media production. So you see, a picture archive is worth it! You can find a good one, for example. Here: 1500+ Pictures!

The package contains, as described above, among others:

  1. The largest niches in the world wide web
  2. In 150 categories
  3. Gigantic selection
    1500+ pictures for only € 59 (German)